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The great comb off!

In continuance to our hair growth series I wanted to divulge a bit more information about the types of combs that I have used. My take on the ones that are very popular and my personal favourite. Brushing and detangling your hair is a very important step in helping to maintain the growth you already have as well making styling a breeze. I brush my hair only when it’s wet and soaked with conditioner. A bad brush could be      the breaking of your hair so to speak. Here are some of my takes on the good ones out there. Granted that others have very differing views on what works best for them. 
Ouidad detangling comb 8/10


This one is my favourite. It’s quite costly but is very robust and will last you a very long time. When I first began to use it I was worried that it felt too heavy. As I got use to it thoughI find that it make detangling my hair easy work. The comb has two sets of parallel teeth. The material is heavier than your normal plastic and after the teeth are strong. This means that they don’t snag and rip your hair which means less split ends. After a year of use and countless times of being dropped the teeth are in perfect condition. 

 Ouidad is a brand that caters specially to curly hair and though they are very pricey some of their items are genius. 
With this comb, you can detangle your hair no matter how tangled and the best thing about it is that you can’t rush the process. You do have to take time to detangle you hair and that means that your hair won’t rip and break. The teeth are spaced at just under 7 mm and this means that I can comb through my hair wet without ruining my curl pattern. If I come across a particularly tough snag, I turn the comb vertically and try to separate the knot by gently pulling downward. 

When I travel this is the comb I will carry with me. I love it so much that I bought two! One for the NYC home and one for the London home. It’s costly but it’s worth it in that it lasts a long time and you get your money back as well as a healthy head of hair. Sometimes when I have little time and want to hurry the process I have been known to abandon the Ouidad for the next contender, which says it all!


Tangle Teezer 6/10

This brush is held in high esteem. I was in the States when it seemed as though every blog was raving about how amazing It was, how it made easy work of detangling and other such praises. I immediately because obsessed and scoured every Ricky!s’s on the upper West side. I finally came across it in a Sally’s and was extactic. I took it home and  plied my hair with conditioner and divided it into 6 sections as I usually do. I began to comb it and the first reaction was how difficult it was to use. It has no handles so you have to cup it in your palm. This means at times that it slips or you don’t get enough traction. 

It’s efficient but the process is not pretty. You can actually feel it pulling at your hair and at times are rewarded with a twang when a hair strand snaps. I keep it for the occasions when I have not been very good with my hair but I hate the sight of my broken hair caught in its teeth. It’s a real pain to clean and you have to go at it with a tooth comb (yes I am serious) in order to remove every hair strand. 

I know that I sound as though I hate it and I really don’t. If you have relaxed hair, this could be very good. It’s made for an easy downward gliding motion. If you have very curly hair like mine it will take 100 strokes before you get to a level when you might be able to do glinting motions and maybe even a quarter of the hair on your head. Lol. when your hair is truly tangled and you are resolute in the fact that you will loose quite a few strands, this tools makes an easy and fast job of making your hair more manageable. It’s not something I would use with every shampoo though and in fact after about a month of use I felt as though my hair had more flyways and split ends!! 

On the bright side it’s affordable and you can get it in any large Boots in the UK and most Ricky’s and Sally’s in the US. 


Aveda Paddle Brush 5/10

I am a big fan of Aveda and loved the brand before they sold out to L’Oreal and their ethics became slightly more questionable! Their paddle brush is one I used when my hair was still relaxed. This paddle brush was a favourite of mine when my hair was relaxed. Now that it’s natural this brush has a limited use. Like the Tangle Teezer above, it has short teeth and you have to press rather hard to get the brush to go through your curls. However one you have run it through successfully a few times you are left with lovely little defined curls.It’s efficient but you will have to divide your hair is much smaller pieces to brush it fully, otherwise you might be left with some tangles. The base of the paddle is soft and bends when pressure is applied. This is forgiving on your hair as it means that if you use too much force, the brush will soften the pressure.

This one is only being given a 5/10 because it gets old quite quickly. It’s supposedly for use on wet hair but with every use water is left behind in the back of the brush and it tends to soften and can catch some hair in the teeth once those became detached.  

If anyone of you have some other brushes please as always share. 


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