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Here comes the Bride 1

Abidjan here I am. After what could be the flight from hell with Air Maroc (the food is abysmally bad, there was no TV on either of the flights and the air hostesses are among the most hostile I have ever had the misfortune to meet) I swore to myself never to use them again.  
I arrived in Babi at two AM and needless to say its good to be home. My skin is dry due to the recycled air on the plane but my hair faired much better. A quick shampoo in the morning followed by a yoghurt conditioner and my hair styled in a bun meant that I kept my hair moisturised throughout the journey. 
I am here for ten days and have three weddings to attend including my own traditional one. I am still unsure as to what style I will wear for my ceremony on the 29th but will mostly keep my hair out and curly for the other two weddings. 
Today’s wedding was that of the hubby’s cousin Jean Emmanuel and the lovely Nana. These guys met in Paris during an Ernst and Young convention (and who says auditors are boring!!). Fast forward a few years later and they have started the wedding season. 
For this wedding I did something a bit crazy… I actually made my own dress. And I don’t mean that I designed it and I had it made. Nope I actually sowed the bloody thing. The design is that of the multi talented blogger over at A Pair and a Spare. Over the last month or so I have been trying to follow some of her ideas and have so far made a belt, bracelet, dress and amended a shoe with a homemade bow. She makes these things look so easy and her instructions are clear. 
So behold my dress below. I was a bit worried that it might be a bit risqué and actually lowered the slit (hers is much higher!) I was quite certain that I would be the only girl there wearing natural hair and was proved right. Unlike SA, there is not a great deal of natural hair styles such as locks being worn here. Young girls in rural town schools are required to keep their hair shaved for cleanliness and when most women began to style their own hair, relaxers and weaves and wigs are de rigour. 
I decided to do an updo for the wedding ceremony because I wanted to show off the earrings that I had made and also because in the evening there was a more intimate dinner planned for the couple’s friends and I thought an afternoon rinse would refresh my hair for the dinner and dancing. 
One thing I am really looking toward to is using the water for my hair. The water in England is overly purified and full of chemicals,  this leads to dry hair, skin and has meant that I buy water filters for my showers. By comparison, the it is not advised to drink the tap water in Ivory Coast but the lack of chemicals is great for your hair and skin and should mean less dryness. 
As well as looking for locations for my civil wedding in a year’s time, I will be looking for suppliers of natural hair butters for Apoth.e.carie and will try to take as many pictures representative of natural hair in West Africa.   There must be old forgotten hair care regimes still bandying around, someone in this place must still be using old African beauty regimes and unlike SA we have a vibrant homemade market so I know there will be some new products and ingredients to discover. 
I ended up going to he hairdresser for the first time in a year and a half. Needless to say it was an interesting experience but one for another post. Here are the first few pictures of the wedding. 
My traditional wedding is coming up in two days!!!!! So exited. Will have limited access to the net but will try to upload more pics as soon as possible. 

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  • Lauren December 27, 2011, 12:25 AM

    How exciting!! I can’t believe you actually made the dress.. where’s the pic?? I’m sure you looked stunning as usual. Good luck for your turn and send our love to the OH too. Also if you find some good hair products/ingredients hook me up ;) xxx

    • curlapothecarie January 4, 2012, 11:23 PM

      Can you believe the bloody pictures are not downloading in my Dropbox! I will have them up soon. X

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