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My first homemade product batch!!

This title might have been a bit too enthused. But I am supper exited because I made my first product batch with very rudimentary labels. I have always wanted to have my own product line and to do it step by little step is exiting. I only with I was this enthused about chemistry during my science GCSEs.

Following on from the last post where I interviewed Mrs O regarding her regimen see here and what made her become a naturalista, I made a few products which I thought would suit her well. I was exited that she asked and set about whipping up some of my favourite products. She wears her hair in protective styling, (extensions) and for many cleansing the hair becomes problematic. Too much washing and your braids begin to loosen and your hair looks messy. Even shampoos can be a pain if they are not diluted properly, leaving a film over your hair which eventually leads to more drying.

I believe however that you should cleanse you hair even when it is in protective styling. For one thing it’s more hygienic. And more importantly it allows you to take care of your scalp. If you have a problematic scalp, your hair will suffer. As such finding ways to keep your scalp healthy and hair moisturised are important and should not be forgotten just because your hair is tucked away under weave and braids, see here.

The products I made have been used by me over the last two years. These are concoctions started out simply enough and the more I learned about herbs and organic home made products the more complex they became. My house looks like a herbal lab now!!

Cleansing spray
This spray is for use when you cannot do a full shampoo wash and want to cleanser your scalp and hair on the go. It has anti-bacterial properties but contains oils to maintain the correct moisture balance. The smell disappears nice your hair dries.

Scalp treat
This is my favourite product of all. It’s a stimulating and moisturising oil that does not leave the scalp greasy. A little goes a long way and I use it once a day (in the evening) as that is when your cells are rejuvenating. It really is a treat and the times I have stopped using it for whatever reason, my scalp has gone back to being sensitive. I hope to splay around with this formula for more problematic scalps as well as general moisture needs.

Hair moisturising spray
This one is another winner and was at it’s simplest, the first product I ever made. When I first became natural, my hair was dry all the time. The only time it felt moisturised was immediately after I had washed it. I tried all sorts of moisturisers and decided to start making my own. I believe that with the right time of moisturising, you can

teach you hair to retain moisture.

I would use this spray first thing in the morning to give my hair some moisture and manageability and in the evening prior to sealing my ends with moisturising butters. During the day I would carry a smaller spray and spray my hair sparingly whenever it felt dry. The point was not to have soaking wet hair, just hair coated in goodies. During the last few weeks when my hair has been shedding, I again started carrying the spray around and my hair in the space of a two weeks is already retaining more moisture than it previously had been.

Shea Luv
This luxurious butter is rich and soft. Again a little goes a long way and I use it once a day at the most and every other day as part of my general regime. It’s a great addition to my moisturising spray.

I can’t wait to get some feedback from her.

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  • Mo September 12, 2011, 10:22 PM

    And so a new chapter begins! Congratulations on launching your products Lydie. Wishing you every success with this new venture. I can’t wait to try your products.

  • Lauren September 12, 2011, 10:53 PM

    Congrats! Can’t wait to try some samples, no doubt I’ll be a loyal customer very soon xxx

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