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Work hair day 1

In keeping with my mission to get my hair bcd to it’s pre-protein overload state, I have decided to wear it up more often, in order to minimise the chances of it getting more intertwined and break and to stop my FIH (Fingers In Hair) syndrome.

Day 1 is as follows. My hair still feels a little dry but I am armed with my conditioning hair spray. I have not been known to be very creative with my styles but going forward I will have to try some new things. Also one of the previous readers had asked how I style myself for the office so I thought I could do a series of styles for myself and any other naturals I come across.

Would love to have pictures of any of you guys.


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  • Mrs. O September 6, 2011, 10:03 AM

    Interesting tuck and pin action you have going here Lydie! Would be good to see how the style was created through photos if possible. Simple styles for work is the way forward…especially with the limited time to get ready in the mornings!

    Out of interest, is there any reason why you choose tuck and pin for protective styling? I don’t think I’ve ever seen twists/plates protective styling on you. I assumed it was to maintain your curl pattern…


    • curlapothecarie September 7, 2011, 9:51 PM

      My hair tends to get knotty when I do twists ect… Another one for a future blog. Lol. Will try to upload pics of how I style but I really just do whatever feels easier so it might not look that great. Lol.

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