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When my hair grows up… I want it to look like Ms Aevin Dugas’ (Interview!)

It’s not all the time you meet a woman with truly amazing hair. I came across Ms Dugas a year or so ago. She reminds me of a more demure yet still sexy Pam Grier. Anyway peep below for her words of wisdom on how to maintain a show-stopping Afro.

How long have you been natural for and what made you make that choice?

It’s been 11 years going on 12 I think. I can’t quite remember, lol but it’s been a while!

Your hair is worn in an afro (in the real sense of the word) Is there a reason why you chose that particular style.

I used to look at a picture of my mama with an afro, and when I went natural I couldn’t wait for my hair to get big enough for an afro!!

Does it require more upkeep or is it relatively easy to maintain

It’s become easier over the years, but it took plenty of trial and error combing it, picking it, detangling it etc!!

 What would be your top tips for someone who wants to emulate that style?

MOISTURIZE and comb gently!!!

What products do you use? Do you make any yourself and if so would you care to share some tips?

I don’t make any myself but I use Pantene, Dove, Garnier Fruictis, Suave and Aussie Products. I mix all the conditioners together to make one mega conditioner that does it all!! Oh I forgot I loooooove Shea Moisture products. I recently tried them and fell ”fro over heels” for them!! LOL!

What hair problems do you encounter?

Actually the only thing I had recently was that I got off of a particular birth control and my hair shed like crazy!!! Thank goodness I have a lot because I probably wouldn’t have had enough to make a fro. That’s how bad it was!!

Who is your hair crush… (if you have any. You are one of mine!)

Thank you so much!! I honestly hair crush all naturals!! I love to see the different lengths, textures and styles. I can remember my hair being at every length from my TWA to my BAA!!!

What will you say are the three most important steps to take when becoming a natural?

The 3 most important steps would be to condition, moisturize and pay attention to what your hair likes. Try the cheaper products first then if they don’t work, then go to the more expensive.

What is your career and how does your hair fit in that environment?

My career actually is working with women with developmental disabilities so most of the time I keep it in a protective style. But when I do wear it out the ladies love it!!

 (You have free rein to comment on anything you want.)

I’d like to thank you for asking for my opinion on hair!! I’m totally flattered and check out

www.afromaniacs.com Check it ouy here!!







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  • Mrs. O August 16, 2011, 2:37 PM

    WOW! I have come across Aevin before, but i thought she wore a wig! Didn’t know those gorgeous locks were all her. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! I’m with you on the hair crush :-)

  • Crystal Afro September 15, 2011, 4:09 PM

    Brilliant article. What amazing pics!

    Crystal x

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