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Guacamole for hair- Pre shampoo conditioner

I can never stress enough how important it is to moisturise your hair. When I first became a natural, my hair was dry and brittle. Through constant training (lots if conditioning, oil treatments, conditioning sprays).

Sometimes you forget to do an overnight oil treatment and need a big injection of moisture in a short amount of time. This treatment is amazing… You can thank me later!

- half a cup of Jojoba oil (use good quality vegetable oil as substitute)
- 3 grated carrot
- 1 ripe avocado
- 3 tablespoon of castor oil



Macerating the oil- Maceration is a process by which oil in plants can be released by soaking them in vegetable oil. In this instance, jojoba oil is a great partner for the carrot. The process is basically an infusion. Place the grated carrot in a jar, cover it with the jojoba oil. Seal the jar and leave in direct sunlight for a day.

You can prepare more by increasing the amount of grated carrots and leaving the infusion for 2 weeks, again in direct sunlight if you can. If you reside in the UK then leave it somewhere warm like your cupboard. Shake the jar daily, strain and repeat with a fresh batch of carrots. Finally, strain, pour into a dark glass bottle and label with name and date.

1- mash the ripe avocado then blend with the oil and the castor oil to your hair and scalp
2- using a mild shampoo, wash your hair. If you have thin hair then add a tiny bit of lemon juice to act as a mild astringent. If you have dry hair and want more moisture wash with just the shampoo.


As always let me know what you think. The next tip will be about how to deal with thin hair…

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