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Birthday Hair- JoBurg Style

Wednesday was my birthday and for the event I wanted to try a different hairstyle. In the two years since I became natural, I have only blow dried my hair once.  I did it myself and needless to say the results were awful. My hair felt dry and wiry and it took at least two weeks of deep conditioning to restore it to its old self. I have no desire to wear my hair straight but thought it would be a nice change, new country and all.

So on my birthday I decided that I would have my hair blow dried straight but first I wanted to see whether I could find the right hairdresser. So off I went to the Nelson Mandela mall. An hour and 5 hairdressers later I had given up. To put it mildly they had no idea what to do with afro hair beyond relaxing and I guess braiding or locs. Two of the hairdressers clearly catered to both Caucasian and Afro hair and in lone the service was dire. The hairdresser would not even come to talk to me as she as busy gossiping with her client.

Pre Birthday dinner hair

She just kept on shouting from across the room that anyone in the salon could straighten my hair. I was told it would take a few hours by the receptionist because of the texture of my hair. The next place was African owned and unbeknown to them I speak French and their discussion about how thick my hair was and whether they could really do it was followed by the owner telling me in English to sit down and of course they had done hair like mine a million times before. I did not even bother telling them that I could speak French and said I would think about it. Lol.

The next day I went to a different salon in the mall to have my hair done. The ladies were lovely and we got on the topic of natural hair. The majority had relaxed hair and weaves. One had natural hair under her weave and found it impossible to look after it. The penny then dropped that I should probably braid the front of my hair. It’s a style I have not worn since I first decided to go natural almost two years ago. It’s also the BH’s favourite style for me so I thought it would be a nice surprise. The girl who braided my hair was the natural and I had very little instructions to give her. She did not comb my hair out and was very gentle and mindful not to tighten my hair too much. I have carried the style now for almost two weeks and it has certainly made my day-to-day care easier as I only focus on the back of my head and can carry ponytails easier.

Hair braiding is a great way to protect your hair whether you are transitioning or not. They are certainly not as popular in comparison to extensions and weaves but I for one will be doing more going forward. Now I have to embark on another search to find a decent  braider in London.

My washing technical has not changed and in actually had my monthly hair detox a few days ago. I will be uploading a video on how I make it in the coming weeks. See below for the style. I have now worn it for over a week and will be taking it off this weekend.

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  • phiphine July 31, 2011, 4:59 PM

    Your esperience in South Africa amazed me. In Africa? God help us!! Your hair looks sooooo beautiful!

    • curlapothecarie August 2, 2011, 10:27 AM

      Thank you. I will have to do an interview with you on how you maintain your beautiful locs. x

  • Kathy Marks July 31, 2011, 10:36 PM

    Great post Lydie! I think that when you go natural, you just have to accept that you are now your own best hairdresser. I vowed to never let anyone touch my hair apart from braiding or cutting (which fills me with dread, lol) after a few terrible experiences in “natural” hair salons (don’t even get me started). Haha, I’ve also had the experience of hairdressers in Zimbabwe talking about me in different language thinking I couldn’t understand. Hilarious. If I’m ever rich I want to start my own Toni and Guy -esque salon for Afro naturals. Professionalism is lacking in a big way for naturals!

    I do know a great braider in London. She’s a Nigerian girl called Rachel, at Sedonie Hall Professional Salon in Denmark Hill, they have a facebook group. She’s very creative, really neat and totally understanding of natural hair as she was a natural herself.

    • sillypuddycurly July 31, 2011, 11:44 PM

      You should write a review of her and their services. I always get asked for the name of a good braider. I will give her a go at your recommandation. As for starting a salon…. I will be 100% behind you on that. I have heard of the hairdressers in Zim from Lauren…lol.

  • Annie July 31, 2011, 11:44 PM

    well done Lydie. Changed it all and it looks great. The pictures are great and OMG the hair dresser in South Africa that can not cater for natural afro hair!

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