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Cape Town natural styles

Straight off the plane in JoBurg, I was given little time to rest after an 18 hours travel journey before I had to board again for a birthday weekend in Cape Town. This is the first time I have ever visited South Africa and immediately I was amazed by the amount of natural haired people. I had suspected that there would be more naturals in comparison to let’s say West Africa and though I was right that there seems to be a greater number of naturals, their numbers are nonetheless dwarfed by the amount of weave wearers and relaxed hair.

Cape Town is beautiful and was a great introduction to South Africa generally. You would really not be able to distinguish it from the prettiest European cities. People actually walk on the street as opposed to JoBurg where I believe everyone who has a car and is able to travel by car will do so. With my new Canon 20D in tow, I set about collecting a good number of natural styles. Locks seem to be the preferred style. Both the men and the women style their locks in intricate and beautiful patterns so here are the few pictures I was able to get from Cape Town in between sightseeing, climbing mountains and lying on the beach.


My hair was styled simply. I tend to travel with only the necessary items when it comes to my hair. This means:

-Giovanni Leave in Conditioner


-Hair clips

-Hydrating hair spray

Conditioners and shampoos can be bought at your destination and with short trips I don’t bother with shampoos and prefer instead to con-wash.

Every other days, I would con-wash my hair with the Treseme conditioner which does not have any silicone. It smells great and after a few more uses will be able to give a concise review. I rinse the hair and part it in two sections and either sides of my hair. I follow this up with adding some Giovanni Leave in on the ends and pin the hair up while I get ready. An hour or so later I let the hair down and get to enjoy two styles in a period of a few days… the initial length from freshly cleaned hair and when the hair dry and shrinks a curly, volumous style.

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