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London to Dubai to Johannesburg to Cape Town

London to Dubai to Johannesburg to Cape Town…

This week, I made my way to Cape Town and then Joburg to see the Better Half. More than anything I am very excited to see the natural styles that the people here will carry. For some reason I think that there will be more naturals than in comparison to West Africa.

The travelling period was in excess of 20 hours. From Joburg I had to fly to Cape Town for my birthday weekend gift. With that in mind, I tried to be prepared for the journey. The worst thing about flying is the recycled cabin air, dehydration and general stress levels.

It is as important to make the voyage stylish as well as comfortable. So here are my four tips.

  • Wear something comfortable. For some this means loafers and tracksuits. For me this means a navy all in one and two inch heels (with the flats in your carry on just in case). Now each to their won but if you are going to wear the all in one…don’t. Going to the toilet was absolute hell.
  • Jo-Burg to Cape Town
  • Throw on a scarf. Airplanes are chilly and the pathetic excuse of a blanket you receive coupled with the little space you have to move can make your attempt at comfort miserable. Invest in a nice scarf. They don’t only make a great fashion statement but also keep you warm. I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for a Hermes birthday gift!!!
  • Fight dry plane hair with a moisturising hair spray. You can buy small spray bottles from places such as Muji. My concoction is a blend of my favourite leave in conditioner, castor oil, avocado and almond oil. Make sure that the spray bottle is within airline regulation sizes. Spray your hair at regular intervals to keep it moisturised and supple.
  • Invest in a good face spray such as Caudalie Grape Juice or even and Evian water face spray. The previous is better because it is filled with essential oils and other moisturising ingredients. As with the hair spray, use at regular intervals.


What is your travelling style?

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