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How To- Gorgeous locks with Lauren


The lovely Ms Haynes-Samuel agreed to share her how to for this gorgeous style. When my hair grows up, it wants to be just like hers!! I am off to South Africa this week and will definitely be trying this style. I think it will hold well for airport travels.

Pre- product hair

This is my hair natural (no products), I’ve just deep conditioned it and it’s still wet. I like to leave it wet as possible when styling. For this hairstyle you’ll need a leave in conditioner (I favour MixedChicks but whatever works for you!), something that holds your curls (nothing too heavy otherwise your hair will lose the natural look, I like the Tresemme thermal solutions curl activator spray but only in tiny amounts otherwise the hair goes hard) and some bendy hair rollers. First section your hair, I have 12 medium size rollers so I section my hair into quarters and each quarter into threes but it really depends on how thick your hair is and how big the rollers are.


Put a liberal amount of leave in conditioner on the first section and comb it through with your fingers. Then comb through (with fingers only, no brushes!) two squirts of the curl activator/hold spray. The amount depends on the product, use your judgement!

I then twist the section until it’s nice and tight. There should be plenty of product in your hair, you want the twist to be really wet.

Take the first roller and begin to wrap the hair around it from the bottom of the twist. So you have two twists going on here, the section itself should be twisted and then that twist should be curled around the roller. Roll it upwards towards your head.

Once the hair is completely wrapped around the roller, wrap the roller around itself so that it stays in place.

Repeat this for process until your whole head is done!

I like to sleep in the style so that it holds better. If you don’t have time I would suggest putting a cap over your hair and sitting under an overhead drier so that the hair dries thoroughly. If you can sleep in the rollers, wrap your hair in a silk scarf and don’t fidget too much in your sleep!

The next day I’ll sit under a drier for a few minutes just to make sure the product has set properly, because my hair is so thick I find that it’s still a bit wet when I take the rollers out but that makes it easier to style.  When taking the rollers out be careful not to tug at your hair too much. Carefully unbend them and roll them the opposite way so that you don’t lose the curl.

You will end up with big thick curls but this isn’t the end product! Once all rollers are out, take each section and gently pull the curl apart, you should find that the curl separates out into lots of smaller, well formed curls.

And this is the end result! If your hair is still too wet, take a blow dryer and gently dry the hair, make sure to scrunch it with your hands to keep the curls. I find doing it upside down helps (I don’t know why!).  I hope this works for you as well as it does for me as this is one of my favourite going out styles. I usually have my hair a bit longer but the hairdresser got a bit scissor happy the last time I went. Good luck trying it yourself!


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