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A million thanks to Mo for telling me about this event at the V&A museum. A small group of us attended the panel discussion as well as the catwalk and the general exhibitions and music. The event was well attended and the women as beautiful as they were varied. There were a large number of naturals and I now have a few more ideas about how to style my hair differently.


The gorgeous Shingai Shoniwa, lead singer of the Noisettes. She is one of the famous Naturals out there. She was gracious enough to take a picture with me. I know very little about cameras and Mo’s quick shutter clicks caught me unaware in the same pose while Shingai had a different look in each. Tyra would be proud!


MsAfropolitan Presents the Rise of Afropolitan Fashion
Minna Salami (Founder of MsAfropolitan), assisted by creative director Ola Shobowale, presented a special, for one night only fashion show. We were treated to a wonderful fashion show showcasing pieces from our favourite girls from Mo Saique and Eki Orleans. The other designers included Duro Olowu, Tiffany Amber, Jewel by Lisa, KemKem Studio, and many more. The clothes were gorgeous and the models even more so. The show was accompanied by a Kora instrumental by Jally Kebba Susso. The only downside was the lack of information in regards to the other designers. I fell in love with one dress but have no idea about who the designer was. As soon as I find the names I will be sure to post them.

My hair

In the morning, I con-washed my hair and conditioned under the Heutiful hair steamer. I rolled my hair into a bun while at work and before attending the event shook my hair out. The curls were as usual well defined and the hair still damp and moisturised. I wore a simple dress from last year’s collection from Whistles and it got some compliments. It is one of those styles that goes well from the office to the after work event.

Art Installations

Salon by Hassan Hajjaj
Morroccan photographer and designer Hassan Hajjaj (previously shortlisted for
the Jameel Prize) has transformed the Grand Entrance into a North African-style salon where you can relax and enjoy a special cocktail from the Benugo bar.

Mr Somebody and Mr Nobody
Mr Somebody & Mr Nobody, an installation created by the South African-born, US-based design team of Heidi Chisholm and Sharon Lombard, offers a visual romp through an eclectic post-colonial landscape. Drawing on immigrant outsider experiences and playfully appropriating cultural icons from either side of the Atlantic, the designers explore cultural constructions, nationality and ex-pat identity.

The evening was great and the company even better. I can’t wait for the next installation!

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