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Transition 2- Braids and Protective styling

Braids are a part of our culture and transcends fashion. They were more popular in the 90s but as with karma, the same is true for fashion, what does around comes back around.  During my unwitting transition, I had braids (pick and drop) to be exact. I carried this style for longer than should!

On my last visit to Istanbul, I did not want to have to worry about maintaining my fro and opted for Senegalese twists. This is a hard style to carry if you have curly hair as the ends do pock out but for a 10 day trip it was worth it. Box braids though they take longer, are so regal and symbolic of African heritage.

When transitioning, braids are the easiest way to have a protective style that looks great and is versatile. For many, weaves can be harder to maintain, especially if you exercise or play sports. Braids allow you to protect your hair while allowing your scalp to breath.

There are risks to having braids. Mostly in regards to the tightness of the braids. If like me you have had zealous braiders who think the tighter the braids are the better they look you know that you have to insist that they loosen the braids, even if it means braiding more often.

Keeping your scalp clean while your hair is braided is paramount to maintaining healthy hair. See Tmochava’s video for some great tips.

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