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Stupid girl!

Now chicas, I often come across stories of naturals not receiving support from members of their families and friends. Often times they have to deal with outright ignorance. Up to now, I considered myself quite lucky; my mother was quite supportive at the outset of my transition. A few friends were slightly sceptical but nothing too bad was said.

Today of all days however I was on skype talking to the BH when my eldest cousin appeared. She is a mother of two young boys and we rarely speak to one another. Anyway I video call her and after the initial pleasantries, she says innocently “Look at how big your hair is. You’re going to catch head lice if you’re not careful!” WTH?!!? Is there a correlation between natural hair and those creatures? For about five minutes we had this surreal conversation about the likely hood of an adult with no school aged children catching head lice. Something about the density of my hair in her mind would provide the perfect breeding ground for god knows what. I had to laugh but I felt slightly sad.

Looking back I lament having wasted my breath trying to talk some sense into her. Are people (insert women of African descent) still so ignorant about the hair that grows out of their scalp?

Here I am doing this when…

Clearly I should have been doing this!

Does anyone else have such a weird story they wish to share? I would love to hear what was said and how you changed that person’s perception if at all.

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  • oursbyjuliada May 11, 2011, 12:41 PM

    First of all…

    whoop whoop whoop Lydie! Well done on the Blog! And here’s to 3rd time Lucky! heheheh!

    Yup I do find that there’s still a lot of general Ignorance going on with natural hair… it’s particularly ironic to me that I get a lot of this in Nigeria.

    In Lagos, that O so vibrant city where I reside, people give you the evil side-eye if your hair isnt “fixed” into some miracle-length- 45-inch weave, and you haven’t got some subtle-yet-obvious designer studs on. In fact, if you don’t fit the criteria , following the above-mentioned evil-eye, you get the ” O dear, who let their poor relative in here” pitying gaze. Shambles.

    Rock your hair gurl! As always you inspire me!xx

    • sillypuddycurly May 14, 2011, 9:14 AM

      Well I should be joining you in the summer and will make sute 6teh hair is loud and big. The worst is they will probably assume that its fake. Any hair beyond four inches is potentially fake in Ivory Coast. lol. BTW I love your blog. x

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