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REVIEW- Ojon Nourishing Oil

Tomorrow I have an unplanned trip to Amsterdam. First time in the Netherlands and I can’t wait to see the natural scene there (that is if I can get out of the conference). In preparation and because its due, I am going to wash my hair and try two new products. I have an atypical hair regime but will be undertaking a few product reviews over the coming few weeks. First on the list is the Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment.

Pre shampoo hair oil is an important part of a natural’s hair regime. A pre shampoo treatment conditions the hair and protects it from harsh shampooing. There are many different types of oils that can be used, the most popular being coconut and olive oil. The latter is inexpensive.

What is it? A balm used on dry hair supposed to repair damaged hair.

What does it do? The product comes with a little booklet and claims to restore chemically damaged hair as well as natural hair. After one treatment it claims, the rich balm dramatically helps repair damaged hair and increase strength against breakage.

What is it formulated without?

Parabens- Parabens can be found in numerous products as well as food additives. A large number of products bought contain some form of paraben. There have been studies undertaken which both refute and support claims made that parabens are bad for us. Parabens can mimic the hormone oestrogen and as the saying goes everything in moderation is never too bad. I myself always try to limit the use of parabens.

Synthetic Fragrances- Synthetic Fragrance oils are primarily made from petrochemicals and attempt to duplicate the smell of a specific plant. By dismantling the unique chemical compound of an essential oil, chemists re-assemble a “Frankenstein” fragrance. They are commonly used in personal care products and are complex formulations containing as many as 200 ingredients. They are used because they are more affordable than pure natural essential oils.

Phthalates are a class of widely used industrial compounds known technically as dialkyl or alkyl aryl esters of 1,2-benzenedicarboxylic acid. There are many phthalates with many uses, and just as many toxicological properties. Intentional uses of phthalates include softeners of plastics, oily substances in perfumes, additives to hairsprays, lubricants and wood finishers.

Triclosan is a chemical used for its antibacterial properties, is an ingredient in many detergents, dish-washing liquids, soaps, deodorants, cosmetics, lotions, anti-microbial creams, various toothpastes, and an additive in various plastics and textiles. However, the safety of triclosan has been questioned in regard to environmental and human health. While the companies that manufacture products containing this chemical claim that it is safe, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has registered it as a pesticide. The chemical formulation and molecular structure of this compound are similar to some of the most toxic chemicals on earth, relating it to dioxins and PCBs. The EPA gives triclosan high scores both as a human health risk and as an environmental risk.

Please keep in mind that I am not a scientist. I have not undertaken any tests to sustain or challenge the views stated above.

So what is in it? Ojon oil is the active ingredient. It is found only in the rainforests of Central America and harvested and extracted by hand from the nuts of the fragrant Ojon tree, this amazing beauty secret has been used for centuries to counteract the effects of the hot climate and to restore perfect health and vitality to hair broken by the blazing sun.


 -Ojon™ Restorative Hair Treatment is not recommended five days prior to or following colour or chemical service.
-Porous and/or white hair may be susceptible to temporary discoloration.
-When in doubt, a strand test is recommended prior to use.

Use- I scooped a couple of tablespoons in my hand and dispersed it throughout my dry hair. I then parted the hair in 4 on each side of the head and twist pinning in the middle. I rubbed some excess oil around my scalp and massaged it.

-I wrapped the hair in cling film and added a scarf and off to bead I went.

-Rubbing the oil turns it into oil. The smell is somewhat weird but not too bad or pungent. It does not take a lot to fully saturate the hair. I make my oil pre shampoo nourishing oil (will go into more details on that one on another post) using olive oil and other ingredients.

-The next day, I removed the cling film and the hair felt moisturised and soft. Post shampoo, the hair was still soft and shiny.

Review- This is a great product.   The hair felt soft and manageable. The smell is a bit unusual but not too overpowering. If you find yourself in a situation whereby you have little time on your hand and you need a quick pre-shampoo treatment, you would do well to have this item on the shelf.  It washed off cleanly and my hair felt bouncy and light but moisturised afterwards.

I will give you my shampooing method as well as the shampoo and conditioner I use.

So tell me chicas, what pre shampoo treatment do you use?

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