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New Journey

My hair journey started by accident. I had never really considered becoming natural. I assumed that my hair would be unmanageable. While at university, my hair was relatively long (bra strap length) and I was smug in the knowledge that my hair was healthy and long. In my second year, I volunteered for a hair modelling session at a local hairdresser. The final product ended up being scissorred hair, at least three inches shorter. I was so upset, I not only swore off hairdressers, but also became so disenchanted with the care it took to maintain my hair. I started wearing weaves and in a little amount of time my hair was in the worse condition it had ever been.

Two years ago I went to Istanbul for a one year work experience. I had pick and drop and weave in the middle (I am never good at sitting down for too long). There is a small number of Africans in Istanbul and some did hair though I had no personal experience with them. A friend from the US has once asked a random woman from the streets to do some extensions for her and I must say that the finish product was very good.

Now for the disgusting piece of information, I kept that style for at least 7 months straight!! By the end of it I looked like I was going for the matted dread lock look (OK that is maybe a bit of an exaggeration.) As soon as I left Istanbul, I made my way to the Ivory Coast where I expected to have as many differing hair styles as I could over the space of 8 weeks. Due to the heat, I settled on braiding the front of my hair and leaving the back free. The BH loved it and the seed was planted.

Back in London, I agonised over whether to leave my hair out or now. I went to the dreaded hair salon only to be left with poodle style curly matt which was embarrassing to say the least. The thing that kept me going was the other gorgeous naturals  was coming accross on the net. Sites like Curlynikki are still my everyday tip and inspiration forum.

A year and a half later, my little sister, cousin, mother are natural and I only wish I had taken the step earlier.

This is the third time I have attempted to write a blog. Fingers crossed third time is the charm.

When I grow up, I want my hair to lok like this!!

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  • Annie May 14, 2011, 3:24 PM

    Well done on your blog Lydie. I shall advertise it on my Facebook page and hoping you will have much success with it. The third time is the good one.

    • sillypuddycurly May 14, 2011, 11:09 PM

      Thank you honey. Hopefully you will feature on it soon. I could do with a few fashion articles. x

  • Paris Galai August 10, 2011, 5:25 PM

    Curly lawyer in the city… I like that. Could you please show some of the styles you wear to work? I’m entering the “corporate world” as a graduate in September and it would be interesting to see how another natural wears her hair at work.

    • curlapothecarie August 10, 2011, 6:32 PM

      Hi, I am planning to do that exactly. I just need to figure out who will take the pictures!! I usually do protective styles though they are very simple. Pics coming soon.

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